ED80 Dovetail width

  1. LouAnnPeet
    The dovetail on my ED80 would not fit in my Celestron AVX. I bought a 14" Astro-Tech vixen dovetail plate to attach the scope's dovetail to. It fits in the saddle perfectly. Out of curiosity, I measured them. The scope's dovetail is 1/16" wider than the Astro-Tech's. No wonder it wouldn't slide in to the saddle. Not sure why or how this happened; if it's a mis-manufactured dovetail? But I thought I'd mention it here as an FYI.
  2. fmhill
    For some reason, manufactures don't seem to standardize on the mounting method of 80mm telescopes. I have 2 80mm, one Celestron, one Orion. They are different from what you received as well as being different from each other... I have heard that Astro Tech also uses a different mount on their 80mm telescopes...

    For me, it is not an issue as I use 80mm scopes as piggy back mounting on larger scopes so I standardized on ADM ring mouints for my 80mm telescopes and ignore the factory mounting methods...
  3. LouAnnPeet
    Good info.....especially for someone like me who's just starting out. I've learned my lesson - don't assume that important little components are standardized!
  4. fmhill
    I was aware of the issue however never gave it much thought as I don't use the factory mounting hardware. I never realized how much of an issue it might be until you ran into it. The larger than 80mm telescopes all have either Vixen or "D" size bars and all the popular mounts fit either one or the other...

    So, we have all learned from your experience and I'm glad you have kept us up to date with your posts... Hopefully the final assembly and checkout will all go smoothly for you now...
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