Welcome to the Explore Scientific group!

  1. ghswen
    Welcome to the Explore Scientific group!

    Take a moment to tell us what Explore Scientific equipment you have and how you like it.
  2. LouAnnPeet
    Thanks for setting this Group up, Gordon. I'm getting an Explore Scientific 80 ED APO (should be here tomorrow 3/18) and am looking forward to sharing my experiences with it, while also learning from those who already use it.
  3. ghswen
    Thanks LouAnn!

    Congrats on the new scope! Be sure to give us that 1st light report (once the clouds clear! )
  4. fmhill

    Name is Mitch, I'm located on Cape Cod presently, and I have a Explore Scientific ES127 ED/APO CF on a CGEM DX mount and use 3 Explore Scientific eyepieces with it.

    My favorite eyepiece is a ES 68° 34mm 2" followed by a 82° 14mm 1.25" and I also have a ES 82° 4.7mm 1.25" that is still sitting new in the box as viewing conditions here on the Cape with high humidity and light pollution has prevented me from using it.

    I'm located 4 miles South West of the Cape Cod Mall and the Cape's major airport, I'm 3/4 miles inland from Nantucket Sound and heavy light pollution and night time humidity here running between 90% -100% is typical...

    The ES127 ES/APO telescope works very well for finding DSO's while minimizing effect of both Humidity and light pollution... Most of my use of the telescope is imaging with a Canon EOS 60Da camera hung on it and I use a JMI Motofocus on it which works quite well...

    Clear Skies,
  5. exparrot
    Greetings fellow ES scope owners!

    I have two ES refractors, an ES 102mm and an ES 152mm. I use the 102mm primarily at home because it's small and light and easy to carry out to the backyard. The 152mm is more suited to dark sites and makes a great deep sky scope. I have only one ES eyepiece, an 11mm 82° Series, which I keep handy for every session. I call it my "glob-buster" because it's the one EP I can consistently locate faint globular clusters with under my light polluted skies.

  6. kszakonyi
    I have the ES 102 APO Triplet. I use it primarily for astrophotography with a .8 reducer / field flattener. The views through the eye piece that came with it are surprisingly sharp and nice. Everything about it seems high quality to me.

  7. rcagle44
    Hey folks, I have the ES 100 degree 9mm and 20mm along with the 82 degree 30mm. The are fantastic EP's. Next on my list is the 100 degree 14mm.
  8. Bobble
    Thanks for setting up this group Gordon and hello to everyone!
    I currently have an AR102 refractor mounted on a HEQ5 Pro mount. I have in my collection of eyepieces the 82* 4.7, 6.7, 18, 24 and 30mms and to round out the gaps that remain I have the 100* 9mm and 14mms also.
    I have found that the 14mm and my 6.7 are my most used of the bunch. I recently have used the scope for solar viewing with a Orion Solar Filter and found I use the 18mm almost exclusively.
    Now that I'm waiting for delivery of a Coronado PST and a 2" Lunt Hershel Wedge I cant wait to check out the performance of all my ES eps expecially with the wedge in the 102. I think they will match up well.
    When the time comes I'll fill you all in with my thoughts/opinion of them both with both the scope and the EPs.

  9. Kenn
    My name is Ken and I live on the central eastcoast of Florida. I have a ES Levy Comet Hunter 152mm Maksutov-Newtonian mounted on an Orion Atlas mount. The only eyepiece I have at this time is the "kit" 30MM two incher. I have also picked up a Aperture 2x barlow and the appropriate T-Mount adapters so I can use my Canon T2i in a prime focus mode. I might add that I have a Canon 400mm f5.6 L lens that I use for a lot of my moon shots.

    Looking forward to seeing all of your inputs on the vaious ES products.

  10. AbbN
    What I have is in my signature I also have Baader 24mm should have been an ES 24mm but I got tired of waiting for it to come in so eventually I opted for the readily available Baader version.

    Oddly, my 4.7mm lenses gets the most use in my PST. When I got it I got over anxious to try it and the sun was out so I popped in into the PST not expecting good results as I had tried my Orion Shorty Plus Barlow with the PST with bad results. I was just blown away with what I saw and it's now my standard lens with the PST. BTW, it does get night use too

    I just realized my signature didn't show up so I've edited this response and this is what I have.....for now
    Explore Scientific AR102 Refractor, 4.7mm, 11mm & 18mm 82° EPs"
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