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  1. Angelgirl
    Hi everyone I have a ES 80 ed APO which I use, when the skies let me, on a Skywatcher eq3-2 mount. I hope to upgrade the mount in the future but in the meantime I'm getting a few eyepieces to replace the ones that came with my first scope, a skywatch max synscan 127,my ep's are - 5mm Baader Hyperion, Celstron 18mm Celestron X-Cel 18 and 32. the ES I purchased as only tube so did not get anything else with it, if you see what I mean. I had to buy a finder scope (9x50 illuminated) star diagonal (Altair astro) and storage case. As I am having things done around my house, new ensuite Etc. money at this time is quite tight so my hobby has to suffer but not for long.
  2. Megabusa
    Hi My ES Stuff is EPs , Every 68 82 100 degree and lov them all
  3. Filterxpert
    Hi All,
    I am awaiting the arrival of the AR127 with case and eye piece from AWB as a closeout special.
    the Focal Length is 825mm f6.5 so I guess this is the short tube version?
    I recently purchased the ES Twilight 1 and plan to use the AR127 with it as well as my ST-80A for travel.
    I will be looking into so Eyepieces that will compliment the Scope and appreciate your advice in advance.
    I have a 20mm 70deg ES Piece and some XCell 18mm and 5mm and a Zhumel Small Kit with 32mm Plossl. TMB II 9mm Planetary, Orion 9/20 expanse
  4. McZaustria
    Hi everybody!
    ED102CF with 2" Crayford, 2" Diagonal and the great VFEI0850-RA polar scope.
    I truly love its light weight and sharp image. It's mounted on a very portable iOptron ZEQ25GT.
    Clear Skies
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