ES 80ED mods/enhancements?

  1. jpaulo
    I have just started playing with this scope and I am pleased with its performance.

    I have added a base plate to use a 9x50 RACI finder and a rigel finder.
    The first is somewhat bulky, but helps.

    The scope came with a rack&pinion focuser that had me contacting ES support to have the fast knob work.
    It is OK now, but I find it somewhat greasy after used to a crayford on my achro.
    Any experiences with upgrades, here?

    I was afraid about the short dovetail, but it seems to be balancing well.

    Finally, what would be a good, portable mount for this scope to do AP?
    I have it on my EQ-3 RA motorized mount but I am considering an AVX.

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