ES 82* EPs

  1. rickg18704
    I went 'all in' for Christmas and my birthday. I took full advantage of the holiday sales offered by Explore Scientific and their distributors.

    Ordered the 30mm, 18mm, 14mm, 11mm, 8.8mm, 6.7mm, and 4.7mm. None have arrived yet. Also scored a 2 inch 2X Focal Reducer. Waiting patiently to test drive all of them.
  2. resq
    Good grief! I'll say lol. What telescope do you have? I am curious how the 18mm is compared to the 14mm. I have the 14 and want a low power but dont want one too close to the 14. considering the 18 and the 22-24mm. 8.8 is the next on the list though! lol Congrats!
  3. rickg18704
    I have a new Zhumell Z10 Dob and a Celestron 130 SLT on an Alt-AZ. I was concerned about getting the whole series since several have focal lengths so close, but in the end, thought "Why not?". I'll let you know how the 18mm compares to the 14mm. The clouds have finally cleared but the temps are in the teens. The wind cuts right through you. I'm hoping the EPs arrive soon. Fed Ex has had them long enough.
  4. Lowjiber
    The 2" 18mm ES eyepiece is the greatest eyepiece on the planet. If God stuck his hand down through my cloudy skies and decreed, "John, from this day forward, you may only have one eyepiece." I'd choose the 18mm.
  5. Makuser
    I want to add my vote to what John said about the ES 2" 82 degree 18mm eyepiece. It is by far the best eyepiece in my 2" eyepiece collection, and is probably the most used.
  6. MoosBros
    I agree with all of the above....The Explore Scientific 18mm 82 Degree Series is the one EP I've used and have no reservations about recommending as a genuine "keeper".....Bright and sharp doesn't even begin to describe the view it provides.....If you can't find a particular DSO with it, then it is simply either not there or impossible to see with ANY EP....Yes, it's that good...
  7. sketrip
    Got the 18 & 24 over the holidays...... the only thing I could possibly add about the 18mm is Amen! BTW the 24mm ain't no slouch - it'll be out most every night.
  8. resq
    I have the 14mm, and am considering the 18 and 24 but don't know which one?
  9. Wingsfan81
    After my first foray into wide field EPs (a Meade UWA 14mm) I've got some of these on my wish list. I'm also planning to pick up the ES 2" diagonal for my SCT (already bought a visual back for the diagonal since it is a refractor style). The visual back/diagonal combo cost a few $ less than the Williams Optics diagonal I was considering. I'll probably buy the 82* kit as I have two scopes and will have use for all the EPs in the kit.
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