ED 102 f/7 screw missing?

  1. rgbtxus
    So, I bought for my first scope an ED 102mm f/7 in the recent sale. The focuser is attached to the body with one single knurled screw. There are several other tapped and drilled screw holes around the same radius. One screw to hold an entire focuser assembly and all the expensive lenses or astro camera and filter wheel seems very risky and very unstable. Does anyone else have this scope or one of its brothers (80 or 127mm)? How many screws do you have where the focuser attaches to the OT?
  2. danthoman
    Both my 102 and 127 only have one knurled screw where the focuser attaches to the body. Unscrewing this will allow the focuser to rotate but not separate from the body. I'm not sure how the focuser is attached to the body, I'm sure there are set screws someplace. I confirmed that there was only one screw with ES after I received my 102ED Apo.
  3. Earldw
    Same as Danthoman on my ed127.
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