Bought New Scope .... Cloudy ever since

  1. Tim99
    He Everyone,

    So, I bought this beautiful little 80mm scope and mount. While waiting for the scope to arrive .... beautiful clear skies several nights in a row. The telescope arrived and it immediately clouded up and has rained ever since. lol. If it doesn't clear soon, I'm thinking i will get in the car and drive until I see clear skies!
  2. Corky
    Congrats on the new scope.... It is a long standing rule that if it is cloudy immediately after the arrival of a new scope, the scope will perform well under clear skies. If it is clear when you get your scope, it means that you will be plagued by door-to-door salesmen named Vernon. Looks like you won't be getting any ringing of your doorbell :-)

    Enjoy..... Corky
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