Low rise eyepiece adapter

  1. Benjamin
    I recently received one of these (https://www.astrosystems.biz/eyepieceadapter.htm) in hope of using my ES 4.7mm, 6.7mm and 11mm in my Paracorr type 1. I had tried initially with a typical 2" to 1.25" adapter which sat on top of the tuning ring but the distance added meant the setting was 5+ (meaning the removal of any coma wasn't going to be ideal). I was worried that the new lowrise adapter wouldn't accommodate the housing around the lens (I had read this might be the case in an old Don Pensack article) but I'm happy to report the 11mm (the widest of the 3) fitted perfectly. The 68° 24mm didn't fit of course but the barrel did just reach the ring lock (same with the Baader zoom if you wanted to keen it in 1.25" mode). Clouds everywhere here so can't actually test to see what the paracorr settings are but have hope at least the 4.7, 6.7 and 11 can now be fully coma corrected.
  2. Benjamin
    Major correction to the above: the ES 24mm 68° barrel and the Baader Zoom 1.25" barrel don't extend far enough to reach the compression ring on the lowrise adapter. The clouds broke for a second so I tested it out. A filter ring attached to the 24mm would get you there (it's only just short) and the Baader is a tad shorter again. The 4.7, 6.7 and 11 all need to be inserted with the bottom of the barrel in line with the bottom of the compression ring (not past that point). If they sit all the way in the lowrise adapter the Paracorr type 1 won't give you enough length. Got these results:
    4.7mm - paracorr setting 1.5, 6.7mm - paracorr setting 1.75, 11mm - paracorr setting 1.25
    This is where 1 is the lowest setting and a 14mm 100° was used at a setting of 1.75 to set the focuser. Incidentally the ES 30mm 82° seems almost parfocal with the 14mm 100° in the paracorr.
    This is quite a rough working so happy to hear other folks results.
    Clear skies.
  3. Benjamin
    With a typical 2" to 1.25" compression ring adapter (sitting about an extra 1cm above the paracorr tuning ring) the settings are really only a tiny bit beyond setting 5 anyway. After all that I'm not so sure the lowrise is as useful given you also need to adjust the hex key to firmly seat each eyepiece (having a set tightness and screwing them into place didn't work given the eyepieces needed to be aligned).
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