Paracorr settings?

  1. Benjamin
    Was hoping someone may have Paracorr (Type 1) settings for the Explore Scientific eyepieces. You can see from my signature what I have. I don't have any Televue EPs to use to set the focuser. I've read in a few places the 14mm is around setting 2, which I'd be happy to take as a starting point if that was thought reliable? I've also got an ultra low 1.25" adapter on the way for the 4.7mm, 6.7mm and 11mm to help them stay within the tuneable range of the Paracorr. Any confirmation appreciated. Clear skies.
  2. Benjamin
    ES eyepieces I have are:
    100º 9, 14 and 20
    82º 4.7, 6.7, 11, 30
    68º 24
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