ES 305mm ultra light dob

  1. dodgerm37
    I saw a reference to the above scope today. It appears to be available in Europe. Looks interesting. Bob
  2. BobDob
    Hi Bob, do you have a link to any information?

  3. dodgerm37
    Bob, Only what google provided. The ultra light doesn't even show up on ES website in U.S., only in Europe. I'll keep looking, Bob
  4. BobDob
    Thanks, sounds like it could be a right fine scope...
  5. Torsinadoc
  6. BobDob
    Thanks Bob, that looks like a seriously sweet scope! Be still my thundering heart
  7. mlk1950
  8. dodgerm37
    My order was placed yesterday. Time will tell. Keeping fingers crossed, Bob
  9. dodgerm37
    Expected shipping date is mid to late June, so far. I don't know the 12" is coming from ES in Europe or the US. Oh well, hurry up and wait! Bob
  10. dodgerm37
    Part of the delay is ES is addressing some or the problems with the new truss tubes to bring them up to the standards of their other products.How much of a delay? I haven't a clue. Still trying to be patient, Bob
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