ES 305mm ultra light dob

  1. KT4HX
    I will give you an A+ to sticking with it. Given that there are many alternatives out there, I would have given up and gone with other options ages ago - after getting a refund of course. Good luck.
  2. dodgerm37
    It's turning into a very sad story. Thankfully I've been bust clearing trees so I can build a ROR obs. I think I'll select an EDGE HD 1100 to mount on the pier. At least THEY are available. Oh well, until the next postponement, Bob
  3. Bright_Light
    New 12" truss dob is delivered! Number 5 of 12 delivered in the US. I'll be posting my review and opinion in the next day or so. Ultra light, no but very maneuverable and compact. Build quality seems to have gotten better. But more on that later.

  4. Bright_Light
    Oh I guess a pic would be good
  5. Lowjiber
    She sure is pretty, Bill. Can't wait for first light. Congratulations! I know you waited a long time for it.
  6. dodgerm37
    Bright_Light, It looks great! The only thing that would be better would be a photo of mine sitting in my living room. I hope it works as good as it looks. Best of luck, Bob
  7. dodgerm37
    I've got all my fingers crossed hoping that my 12" ultra lite WILL SHIP this week. Makes this message awfully hard to type! After 14 months a few more days doesn't sound too bad BUT!
  8. dodgerm37
    I really should keep my mouth shut BUT Tues. is delivery day.
  9. dodgerm37
    It's been a looooong wait, but today it arrived. I need to have a talk with whoever called this monster "ultra lite". It has taken two hours to unpack all the parts. I'm trying to save the boxes to ship some antique military radio gear to Las Vegas.Finish on mirror box and truss rods looks good so far. At the top of my to do list is a case/bag for the truss rods and the collimation tool. Most likely a light shroud. I think before I start assembly I'll put a dab of silicon grease on the steel collimation bolt threads into the aluminum blocks. More to follow. Bob
  10. dodgerm37
    I noticed the absence of a battery pack to power the cooling fans. Also missing was any information at all on the connector needed to plug a home made battery pack into the mirror box. Does anyone else on the forum have one of these and if so, what did you use. It's a nice looking scope but it would be great to get it functional! Perhaps this is a trade off for some of the early production problems. One of these days, Bob
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