ES 305mm ultra light dob

  1. dodgerm37
    Welllll, Here we are in late August. The original "Expected shipping date" was postponed until late June and that was further postponed until late August. Hmmmmm! I hate to be negative BUT, I can't help but wonder how many more delays are in store for this product. I can only hope the extra time was spent working out any problems. I don't know why but still hopeful, Bob
  2. dodgerm37
    Has anyone seen posted or heard of a "New" guesstimate on shipping? I realize it's ONLY been four months of delays but what patience I had is definitely wearing thin. Bob
  3. dodgerm37
    As of today, the currently proposed shipping date is late October. Here we go again. Bob
  4. dodgerm37
    Latest update??????? How about the end of December? I forgot to ask what year. Very strange way to run a business. Oh well, until the next postponement, Bob
  5. Bright_Light
    Update on my 12". Delivery mid Jan 2015. It seems all the issues with the initial builds have been corrected per email from product specialist in Germany. We'll see. Now that I have a few months of observing experience under my belt I wish I ordered the 16 incher.
  6. dodgerm37
    Bright Light, I hope the mid January date is more realistic than the vague references I've been given. During the months of waiting I've drifted through a few other interests. Military vehicles, amateur radio, reloading, shooting house construction, photography. On the second day things got worse. Must be withdrawal sickness. One of the few bright spots is the lousy weather. Maybe someday. Bob
  7. dodgerm37
    I guess it comes as no surprise that the current"projected shipping date" has once again been bumped back from mid Jan. to first quarter. The only thing missing was what year. And the delays go on and on and on and............................................... ..............................
  8. Earldw
    You have much more patience than I have Bright_Light. Unless that telescope can resolve planets rotating around a distant star, bring world peace, or make me breakfast in the morning I believe I would get my money back and invest in another brand.
  9. dodgerm37
    Not that it comes as a big surprise BUT the latest guesstimate for shipping is now July. If it wasn't so sad it might be funny.
  10. dodgerm37
    In this on going saga the most recent information is EXPECTED shipping in early 2016. Perhaps they are trying to hire unicorns to build these scopes. I just can't wait to see how it all turns out.
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