ED 127 and Meade DSI

  1. Corky

    I'm a new owner of the ED 127 and, after learning how to use the telescope, I will want to do some astrophotography using the Meade DSI. Any of you have experience using these two technologies? If so, your feedback is sincerely appreciated.

  2. Bobble
    Hi Corky
    I am also a new owner of an ED127 but the older model.
    I plan on imaging with a DMK21 mono camera and I have no experience at all with the Meade DSI.
    It would be great to hear a bit on how that camera matches up with the 127.
    For me, I haven't had my scope out for more than an hour or so solar viewing and plan on trying out
    my new Mallincam when it comes in..that is if the skies ever clear and I have time to myself!
    I'll post a pick of my 127 working on its winter suntan

  3. Corky
    Hi Bob

    Congrats on the new scope. I did a lot of research and believe that the ED 127 series to be a great piece of hardware. Looks like you are into solar viewing. I would be very interested to hear about your activities and recommendations.

    I'm still waiting for delivery of my mount. They have been back ordered. I talked with the vendor and I should be receiving it, hopefully by the end of the week. It's painful to see the new scope just sitting there in the box. But, I suspect that even if I had everything together, I wouldn't be doing much viewing given all the rain that we have had... Raining now...

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