field flattener for AR102

  1. JML
    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good field flattener for an AR102? I have seen some results with the Hotech SCA field flattener that look good, but that is about it.

  2. Torsinadoc
    Im also interested in the answer
  3. jimminCT
    Not sure how they differ, but I just ordered the Hotech flattener for my Kson 102 f/6. I'll let you know how it works out when I get it and figure out the proper spacing. From everything I've read, that's the critical issue regardless of which scope it's going on.
  4. Torsinadoc
    I emailed ES to see if they have recommendation
  5. JML
    Great, let us know if they have any suggestions.

  6. Torsinadoc
    They recommend their zero power field flattener. Cant find it on their website (or any). Emailed them about where to get it but no response yet
  7. JML
    I found it on the high point scientific and the skies unlimited web sites. Explore Scientific Field Flattener Lens for Explore Scientific ED Apos FFEDAPO-00 | High Point Scientific
  8. Torsinadoc
    Thanks. I must have missed it on HP.
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