ES finder realisation on essential edition

  1. frazzles114
    Hi All

    I got the essential version of the 127 triplet.

    It comes without a finder but since I have multiple scopes and finders already I thought no problem. Actually none of them fit and no sensible (skywatcher standard finder type) adaptor to be found. I bought a Baader universal adaptor to replace the ES type fitted on the scope when purchased. I have yet to try this and will update unless someone else knows already.

    Just a word of warning.

  2. dodgerm37
    I picked up an ES 8x50 finder that came with mount for my 127. I recently switched to a 9x50 RACI finder and used the ES mount rings with shoe that came with the 8x50. Best of luck, Bob
  3. frazzles114
    Thanks Bob,

    That universal adaptor worked a treat too.

  4. rgbtxus
    I'm not sure I found the "Baader universal adaptor", can you point me to it or give me a part number? I just bought the ES 102 f/7 w/o finder scope and a finder scope whose base will not fit :-<
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