Autoguider set up

  1. Torsinadoc
    I have a 102 apo and am ready to jump into AP. I plan on dslr. Suggestions on autoguider solutions? I've read about several options like the orion systems, etc.
  2. Torsinadoc
    Also any suggestions on how to piggyback my camera on the scope with my lens rather than attaching to the scope for focal photography?
  3. dgwilde
    I use the SBIG STI kit with the 100 mm lens to guide. I set it up to use the Finder base on my ES127, so that after locating and centering my target I swap out the finder for the guider.

  4. dgwilde
    For the piggyack photography you can rig up or purchase brackets to mount on the handle and mount the camera to that.
  5. fmhill
    I mounted a Celestron D-CGE 8" bar in place of the handle on my ES127. This allows me to mount a autoguider system or a piggback camera setup when desired...

    Photo below is with the Celestron guidescope mounted but I also use a Stellarvue F80M3 80mm x 300mm fl. finderscope with a ASI120MM autoguiding camera, and have a Miniguider made with with a 135mm Nikkor lens and ASI120MM camera, all interchangeable on the "D" bar on the ES127... I also can put a DSLR on a ADM camera mount in place of a autoguider...

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