filters for the AR102

  1. JML
    Has anyone used a fringe filter on their AR102 to kill some of the purple fringe on bright objects? If so what have you found to work with visual and with DSLR work?
  2. Peterg707
    I've been using a #8 light yellow filter for CA and it works fairly well. Although a Baader Fringe Killer may work a touch better, it's hard to tell the difference, and a light yellow filter is a lot less expensive than a Fringe Killer
  3. dr ski
    dr ski
    Kind of a late response, but for what it's worth:
    The only time CA is a nuisance for me is when I try to split close, bright binaries.
    A good quality Barlow and a #11 or #12 filter usually does the trick (along with good seeing!)
  4. Lowjiber
    I really like the Baader Fringe Killer.
  5. JML
    I have using either a 495 cut off filter or the constrast booster filter for about a year now for AP. The cut off filter is my choice when light pollution is not an issue and the constrast booster when it is.

  6. AbbN
    I too have the Baader Fringe Killer which I ordered with my AR102 just in case and it works great. However I seem to tolerate CA a lot so I've hardly ever used it.
  7. starmike
    When i had my AR127 (now had an ED127, so no CA issues now), the fringe killer helped, but really the best filters for bright objects is the #12 yellow filter, or the Baader longpass 495 filter (actually a little brghter than the #12, but cost more too)
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