18 mm 82 degree threads

  1. johnrfeeney
    just tried a brand new orion 2 inch moon filter on this eyepiece - after 10 minutes i could onlt thread it a little ( has just used it on a 24 mm and 9 mm lens with no problem)
    so i put the 18 mm in the focuser and the filter fell off and i got to hear the filter striking the primary mirror!!! i didn't want to look - but i don't think i chipped the mirroe
    guess who's getting a call tomorroe - this is a new ES lens!
  2. BobDob
    I predict they'll "cover your six" with this, John. Hope your primary dodged the bullet! Keep us posted...
  3. BobDob
    Come to think of it, I haven't had a filter in mine. Guess I'd better check!
  4. johnrfeeney
    thanks Bob - you know, it was such a good night - and i love those lens
    another lesson learned, if a filter doesn't thread DON'T put it in the focuser
  5. BobDob
    "...another lesson learned, if a filter doesn't thread DON'T put it in the focuser"...Yep!
  6. Zilladude
    So far, I've been lucky and my 2" Lumicon and Baader filters have fit all my2" eyepieces or adapters.
  7. johnrfeeney
    So i called astronomics where i purchased this lens, they wanted me to talk to explore scientific, today explore scientific says, " those orion filters don't fit our lens" and gave me optitronic web site to get other filters, the problem is i thought all filters were standardized and the 2 inch filters i have fit my other 2 explore scientific lens, does anyone know if i am getting the run around
  8. Zilladude
    Unfortunately, shoe sizes are standard too, but you still gotta try them on because each pair (or filter) is a little different from the other. Wrenches are like that too; I have multiple wrenches in the same size, but some will fit over the bolt head, and some won't....go figure.....
  9. johnrfeeney
    Well i will give a 5 star for astronomics and a 0 star for explore scientifics on customer satisfaction. When we called astronomics again they intervened and set up a exchange for a new 18 mm, they said just within a short period of time they have had to do this 3 times with the 18 mm's and think that a batch was bad, they said that the filters are standarized and that they should fit all the lenses. Funny zilladude, i used the exact analogy about the "standardization" you did, shoe sizes, and i know you are correct but this lens won't except any 2 inch filter and that is clearly an manufacturing glitch.
  10. johnrfeeney
    Heard back from ES - there were burrs in the the , they rethreaded it and will send me a new one - would have been more than satisfied to just get back the rethreaded lens
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