18 mm 82 degree threads

  1. BobDob
    Burrs in the threads, eh? Doesn't say much for ES Quality Control, does it. And, shame on them for trying to dodge the bullet. Three cheers for Astronomics! Let us know if the replacement is OK, John...

  2. johnrfeeney
    wondering if my ES eyepiece buddies have a problem threading filters - ES replaced the lens but it and my other 2 ES eyepieces only thread one revolution with my Orion filters - really would be a shame if i had to get other filters - thank goodness didn't get a nebula filter yet
  3. BobDob
    John, I'm afraid I don't have good news for you. My 2" Anteres No. 13 and my Baader o-111 thread all the way to the stop on my ES 30, 24, & 18mm 82* ep's, and my ES Focal Extender. Looks like the Orion filters are to blame. Good luck getting satisfaction from Orion! You starting to think that Orion may be your bane? You may be "star-crossed"...
  4. johnrfeeney
    thanks Bob - you know it's okay - as i slowly develop my lens collection i'll just invest in different filters and give my others to someone who needs them - good to now know where the problem stemmed from
  5. KT4HX
    Wish I had noticed this earlier. Anyway, the issue with threading on Orion 2 inch filters is widespread problem. The Korean manufacturer pf their cells does something funky with the thread pitch, so frequently they are difficult to thread onto non-Orion EPs. Other brands of filters, Lumicon, Baader, etc., adhere to the standard and do not have issues. They seem to work ok with my ES 82 24mm, but not so well with the 18mm. Some have "chased" the threads. That is screw it on 1 or 2 turns, back it out, clean threads, screw it on again going 1 or 2 additonal turns. Repeat until you can screw it all the way on, then its ok. I actually got my O-III stuck once on the 18mm and had to use vice-grips to get it loosened up, so I'm leary of chasing them. I can usually get it on just enough to prevent it from dropping off. Had I known this was an issue at the time, I would have bought Lumicon or Baader. I do have a Baader Ha-B filter and it has no problems.
  6. Zilladude
    If using in a Dob, you can put the filter onto the paracorr. on a refractor, you can put it onto the diagonal. Orion filters just don't want to thread onto ES eyepieces....It's more common then you think. Other brands are no problem, just Orion.
  7. KT4HX
    If you own a paracorr that is! I don't use one. But I ordered some 48mm cells from a guy on Ebay and I plan to try those in the EPs and if they work will move the filters out of the Orion cells to those. I know others that have done that. If it works, will be a cheaper solution than switching filter brands. I got no problem with the filters themselves, just those cells. Speaking of a paracorr, I wonder how long it will take ES to put out their own version. With their focal extenders competing directly with the TV powermates, I suspect it may only be a matter of time before they try to compete with the paracorr.
  8. Tim99
    I just bought a variable polarizer filter from OPT and it fit my 2" 18mm okay.
  9. Lowjiber
    I just saw this. Sorry for the delay in responding.

    I've tried to use a 2" Baader OII on my 18mm eyepiece, and had a heck of a time getting it "started". About ten minutes in the dark fiddling with a filter is unacceptable.

    I'll add that I've used that same filter on my 2" 24mm ES without issue.

    I can understand that the Orion filters may not work. However, Baader is a leader in the filter business, and I'd expect ES to accommodate their threads.
  10. watson1
    threads have tolerances.
    A big male thread must screw into a small female thread.
    But when you go the other way:
    A small male thread goes very easily into a big female thread and it is very slack across the diameter. The thread engagement will be small and not as strong as a fully engaged thread. You can tighten till the machined ends contact and this makes for a slop free connection. But be careful with "loose" threads, don't overtighten.

    Back to that first tolerance case.
    It could be the male or the female that is out of tolerance. and that some fit other lenses does not tell which component is out of tolerance.
    Go and no go thread gauages are the only way to tell.
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