weirder than fiction

  1. johnrfeeney
    this is a real truth - Nanci texts me from work - you have a package waiting - i'm like "really" - for the life of me i can't figure out what it is
    get home - theres the box - don't recognize the label - open it up and theres a really beautiful box with Explore Scientific on it and cool night sky stuff - still don't know what it is -
    open it and it's a 100 degree 9 mm lens!!!
    not a gift ( i wish)
    i cannot figure out how the heck i ordered it
    checked my Aricept level (haha) - i'm stymied
    but of course clouds clouds and their cousin clouds have rolled in
    whats nut is i have been looking at the 100 degree 30 mm ES
    have to sleep on it - but wow, almost as good as telling your mom " look what followed me home"
    this one is for the books
  2. BobDob
    Awesome, John! If this is a problem with your CFO, I'd consider playing the "Parallel Universe" card. Tell her your parallel self must have ordered it, and due to unusually intense spikes in solar activity the order must have bled over into this Universe...
  3. johnrfeeney
    thanks Bob - one of our favorite shows was Fringe - i'm awake now and still at a loss
    the other john must have similar tastes
  4. samgray1
    Lucky you! That's a nice EP. Mine comes gets used a lot, especially on globular clusters. The view is so wide I often find objects without needing to go down to a lower power.
  5. BobDob
    First I've heard of Fringe (I need to get out more, I guess). Looked it up on Netflix. J.J. Abrams...yummy! You know where my spare time's going now, right? Thanks for the mention, my BIC!
  6. Zilladude
    Maybe it was mine, I ordered it about two weeks ago and it's on backorder.....Love the 100* 14 & 20. The 20 might replace the ES82 24mm (never thought that could happen, the old nonwaterproof ES82 24mm has been my favorite).
  7. johnrfeeney
    now that's saying alot Ziladude - that 24 mm was the first time i used it and was able to bag the first 43 Messiers
    and Bob - that Fringe show is really great
  8. johnrfeeney
    ... and can't believe the $$$ on the 30 mm 100's - the price of a decent dob!
  9. BobDob
    We are talking about the new 3 inch 100* 30mm ep here, the one that goes for $1,199.99? Have you priced your new focuser yet?

  10. johnrfeeney
    that is also dear $$$ - will stick with the Orion focuser where my eyepieces stick - looks like new focuser would be about $300 + - one day, maybe - would go for the 82 degree 30 mm before that
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