weirder than fiction

  1. BobDob
    Well, yeah... "Would go for the 82 degree 30 mm before that". John, takes young pup eyes to utilize the 100 degree field beyond the 82. Can you do it? The 82's a stretch for me...
  2. magoo01
    Yeah, John. I got "sticker shock", myself, when I saw the 30mm 100*. If memory serves me correctly, I think it was right at $600 (more w/ tax). The weather's been so bad here, I haven't even gotten a chance to use ANY of the 100s. I've had them five, or six weeks! We've had had weather very similar to Florida. Absolutely awful. When I used them (all of them) during the day for visual, the CA was definitely noticeable, but it's wasn't noticeable at night. (I got to use it about 5 minutes one night) There was a bright orange and blue halo around the outer edge of the viewing area. I had to ask someone else what that was. I'd never seen it, before. Has anyone tried them for daytime visual with the same result? Just curious. Lon ...
  3. Makuser
    Hello Lon. I notice the same thing with my 9mm 100* ES eyepiece. In daylight terrestrial viewing, there is a slight orange ring around the very outer perimeter of the glass. This is not noticeable at all in night time astronomical viewing. However, like you, I have had NO viewing for weeks now here in Florida either, with the constant rain. Here's hoping for better weather for everybody, and best of regards to all.
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