Torn between the 82 degree 24mm and 100 degree 20 mm

  1. johnrfeeney
    i know it may be a matter of opinion but that's what i want
    any comments on either of these - i'm going to get one of them
    do have astigmatism and wear glasses - will probably use as my main viewing EP in a LP'ed environment
    don't have the $$$ for more than $300
    and as always - i value your opinions and real practical experience

  2. BobDob
    John, it comes down to what you will like. If there's any possible way, try the two side-side and choose based on what your eye tells you.

    Clear skies!
  3. johnrfeeney
    thanks Bob - problem is i'm so restricted in really getting away because of the job, wish i had a neighbor(s) who had them so i could take a view - just wondering if the extra $100 is worth the 18 degrees in the FOV - thank you again, a warm hello to you
  4. BobDob
    IMO, no it's not worth it. My old eyes can't begin to take in all of the field of view in the 82's. I have to roll the eyecup down so I can feel my eyelashes actually brushing the glass to be able to see the edges. I'd take that $100 and pop for a second 82. You WILL love them!

  5. Wags1
    Just posted my review of the ES 20 100° EP here:

    Explore Scientific 20mm 100° Eyepiece - First Impressions
  6. Wags1
    One additional data point that may help. The eye relief of the ES 20 100° is 14.5mm as compared to a pretty standard plossl like the Meade 26mm which is 18mm. Not horrible but may pose a problem.
  7. johnrfeeney
    I loved your review on the 20 mm 100 - thank you all, it wasn't the price, after listening and doing the research I realized that my old eyes with astigmatism would need the other 3 /12 mm of eye relief, pulled the trigger and await my first Explore Scientific 24 mm 82 degree - i'm like a kid waiting for a great event! I can't wait to use it, want to go after the M30 but will have to be a sketcher, once again thank you all in the Explore Scientific Group

  8. dodgerm37
    John, I prefer the 100 degree eyepieces because the slightly wider field of view allows for less time spent repositioning the scope. Best of luck with your choice. Bob
  9. johnrfeeney
    thanks Bob - also ordered the 82 18mm - wiill hold off but want the 9mm 100
  10. BobDob
    "Try before you buy", my brother...
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