Torn between the 82 degree 24mm and 100 degree 20 mm

  1. KT4HX
    Personally John, I never plan to go beyond the 82° AFOV. I have the ES 82 line 24 to 4.7mm, and I find that AFOV works quite well for me, but I also know I don't want to go any wider. The 18mm is my primary DSO hunter. Then I run through the 14, 11 & 8.8 for my detailed views of DSOs. As Bob said, everyone has to find what works for them, and I can tell you the 82° is what works for me. If you can try a 100° of any brand before you plunk down the bucks just to see if that is something you like, I certainly would. As with any other person replying here I can only tell you what works for me, and the 82° AFOV is what works for my eye.
  2. johnrfeeney
    i will Bob - i think i'll be working with what i have before any more purchases
  3. Zilladude
    Have both the ES 82 24mm and the ES 100 20mm. The 20mm just arrived packed with about a week's worth of clouds according to the local weather station. By definition, you should basically have the same tfov with the advantage of higher mag. I must say though that the ES82* 24mm is just one of those eyepieces where everything came together right. Mine's the old nonwaterproof version, similar to the Meade, but the views are fantastic. My ES 82 24 isn't going anywheres, but then, the 20 100 probably won't either......Remember, one can never have enough least that's what the eyepiece dealers tell me!

    Once I get a chance to use it, I'll report back. Clear skies all
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