Focuser Function ES 127 APO

  1. magoo01
    With my ES 127 APO, when observing near Zenith, I find that I have to give the focuser a little "manual" help when drawing the focuser "in" closer to the tube. Coming outward, "toward the ground", no problem due to gravity assist. Anyone else notice this? Thanks. Lon ...
  2. fmhill
    I have an ES127 ED/APO and suspect your focuser simply needs to be adjusted. Seems to me I had to adjust mine when it first arrived but then mine is the older original version that had the "stick-on" scale which became unstuck and I had to dismantle the focuser to get the jammed up scale out of it. That resulted in my adjusting the focuser for a different reason so I can not relate to the situation you describe...

    There are two knobs on the bottom of the focuser, one is a lock, the other should adjust the tension or slip. If there is not enough adjustment, there are set screws on the top of the focuser body that will allow you to adjust the bearing holding the position of the draw tube. However before adjusting these, I would contact Explore Scientific for details on which screws do what...
  3. magoo01
    Ended up returning my 127 to Explore Scientific. I just could not get that puppy to stay put to save my life! Got Bob (Star Rider) to look at it just to make sure that it wasn't just me, before I returned it. Should be back in time to catch Mr. Orion in his prime! Has anyone else had a focuser problem with the 127? I found that if I snugged up the focuser enough to stay put, the fine focuser wouldn't work. The problem got worse when using the "hand grenade" eyepieces.
    Lon ...
  4. magoo01
    Received an e-mail today from Explore Scientific stating that my focuser issue has been dealt with, the collimation checked and the lens cleaned. It is on its way to me as we speak. Can't beat THAT! It was far from free, however. Shipping UPS ground: $164 Packaging: $50. Beats sitting here fretting about the focuser, however. Upon reflection, it takes a pretty well-built focuser to handle those extremely heavy eyepieces. I'm not really sure that it will be capable of doing that. But, it stands to reason that if the focuser is made to handle cameras, maybe it will be up to the task. We'll see, I guess. I'll keep everyone posted in case anyone has similar problems. Love this forum!!
    Clear skies, Folks: Lon ...
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