1. johnrfeeney
    Do i go with the 100 degrees or the 82 degrees - how much of a difference is there - getting a new Orion 12 go to truss
  2. KT4HX
    Well something like that is very subjective. Have you ever observed with an EP that has an 82 deg apparent field of view or 100 deg? Some people don't like anything as wide as an 82 because they feel they have to move their eye around too much to take in the entire view. For myself personally, I am fine with 82, but feel it is my limit, and have no plans to go 100. I know when I switched from 68 deg EPs to 82, it was like a new world opened up, and they work really well for me. But again, not everyone agrees. If you haven't looked through either to gauge how well you like the views, then I would recommend, if possible, to do so at a star party prior to making a decision.
  3. dodgerm37
    Very good advice! Try before you buy. Everyone is different and each of us prefer different things. Good luck, Bob
  4. johnrfeeney
    thank you so much, will take up the advise
    hope i can find those EP's at the same party
  5. KT4HX
    Well that is the thing, you may not find both ES models at the same party, though they are popular and its possible you might. But, irregardless there is a good chance you will find some 82 and 100 deg EPs of different brands. That will give you the opportunity to see how your eye reacts to wider views, so you can at least determine what size seems to fit you better. You may find that you prefer the 68 deg views rather than the wider ones. We each have our own preferences. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
  6. johnrfeeney
    i will - again much appreciated
  7. BobDob
    So, John...what did you decide to do?

  8. johnrfeeney
    haven't been able to get away due to commitments to the practice - i went with Orion's wide 70's which i am amazed at for the $$ - still want the look through the 82's and 100's - afraid that the eye relief on the 100's will be a problem with glasses
  9. BobDob
    Ahhh, OK. For my old eyes the 100* ES's are more field than I can appreciate. OTOH, the 82's are just what I wanted. I dumped the rest of my ep's and only use these. Stunning experience!
  10. olddogg60
    I thought that I had better jump in here. I just received my first ES Eye piece (8.8mm - 82°) and from the sounds of it I will be fighting off the urge to by more of them and losing. I will get to try it out tomorrow in my solar scope. I have an Excel-LX 9mm that will make for a good comparison.
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