1. BobDob
    Quote: "...fighting off the urge to by more of them and losing".

    Bill, you've just been "hooked"! The 82's are addictive as you will see...Abandon All Hope!
  2. olddogg60
    Thanks for the encouragement Bob. I will be going out to try out the new EP in about an hour. Maybe I should just look at it instead of through it.
  3. olddogg60
    I tried out my new EP in my Coronado PST. Very sharp and clear image. Truthfully what impressed me the most is how my Celestron X-CEL LX 9mm 60 ° compared to the 8.8mm 82° ES EP. The 8.8 gave a slightly sharper image but I couldn't really tell much difference in the field of view. At least it was very subtle. I will compare them again in a night session as soon as I get the chance. I would say that this EP is a keeper though.
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