Maks for doubles?

  1. Bigzmey
    Anyone using Mak as the main scope for splitting doubles? I mainly use 127mm F7.5 ES APO triplet and switch to 8" F10 SCT for sub 1" splits and splits with large delta mag.

    I wonder if 180mm Mak would provide sharp stars like my APO but with added benefit of larger aperture like 8" SCT. F15 of Mak should be beneficial to.

    Any hands on experience or thoughts?
  2. Ozman13
    I did quite a bit with the ETX125 when I had it. It worked well. I've never looked through a larger Mak. I've only tried a few of the easier common ones (Castor,etc.) with the little 90Mak. I didn't have the APO back when I had the ETX125 to compare them and sold the ETX125 to help fund the LX200.
  3. John Baars
    John Baars
    Splits with large delta mag. and small separation are most of the time easier in my 120mm frac than in my 140mm Mak, even though both instruments are well made and aligned. I even split Sirius B several years earlier with a smaller refractor than I could with the Mak. Most of it due to the inevitable brighter first diffraction ring of the Mak, which over-shines the small companion. On >1" splits on equal 6th of 7th magnitude stars the Mak outperformed the 120mm refractor though.
  4. Bigzmey
    Thanks guys!
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