Where can I find Observing Chair Plans Sets?

  1. jglerner
    Hello all!

    I'm looking for internet sites where I can find some plans to a DYI Observing Chair.

    I have already bought The PRO Plans for the original CATSPERCH (the S&H for my country makes simply impossible to buy it from source) and have more two sites that have "less than perfect" plans so I intend to have some more plans before I start my own project.
  2. LEDHead
    I would do a search for Denver Observing Chair Plans - you should fine several different kinds.
  3. jglerner
    I will reply myself.

    On the British Magazine "Sky at Night" CD 87 of August 2012 you have a nice stool with pdf plans and photo instructions for a nice chair. Maybe you´ll find it in a newsstand near you.

    I ordered mine from Buy single magazine issues and subscriptions - Newsstand.co.uk and, they had, a few days ago, 4 copies on their inventory.

    Nice chair and clear skies, is all we need!


    PS: My quest is not over, the more, the best!
  4. mlk1950
    Here is where I found mine. Build an Observing Chair
    Just click on the top line where it has "Click Here" in gray.
  5. nizamatl
    Dear Friend,

    Try the yahoo group on Telescope Observing chair. In the files section go to Shawn's observing chair and there you have a pdf file with plans and measurements. By comparing it with other designs, I feel that it is a catsperch design. Its worth visiting the groups site. Good luck.
    Clear skies
  6. richlite
    Thanks nlk1950 !
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