My Try at a camera holder

  1. peteandoreen1
    My Try at a camera holder. Aluminium angle, Adjustable speaker bracket, rivets, misc knobs, and hey presto!!. This takes both my Olympus, and my Finepix S5600 DSLR Format. Works a treat. Now i'm working on a mechanical remote shutter activator. Following an idea previously shown by Phoenix
  2. scopebuilder
    That looks pretty darn cool. Do you have any exploded views of the parts?

    Thanks for shaing the shots with us.

    Clear and dark skies,

    Dan Harriman
    Orange Texas 30.01N 93.74W
  3. leeseafish
    I've made a piggy back camera holder. My first attempt was cold molded plywood, aluminium section and an epoxy bonded saddle - took about a week to make.
    Decided to make something simpler - three bits of high density foam, some glue and tape and a small square of 3mm plywood. Took about 20 mins to make!! It's lighter and fits better. You can see it fitted on my goto mount (OTA removed) and fixed in place with 50mm elastic webbing.
  4. jigarkapdi
    Hey, that's a really neat and witty job, did you get it made or did it all yourself?
  5. richlite
    Yeah, an exploded drawing would help us out, too!
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