I just made a chair. Are there any other ideas for chairs

  1. peteandoreen1
    A days work done and I really [url='http://www.astronomyforum.net/picture.php?albumid=755&pictureid=2451'] happy with the end result. Wow us budding astronomers are resourceful.
  2. Phoenixrising
    I suggest putting some sort of soft padding on the seat to prevent ass numbness
  3. peteandoreen1
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixrising
    I suggest putting some sort of soft padding on the seat to prevent ass numbness
    Well suggested I pinched a couple of cushions from the wife.
  4. peteandoreen1
    Made a couple of changes to make it more comfortable. Re-shaped the Back hinges and added a foot rest for when the seat is high.
  5. ferkijel
    It's my next weekend's project. Did you use this: http://denverastro.tripod.com/seat.html ?
  6. ferkijel
    Well...I DID go through with it. I didn't have proper wood tools, so I had to use a recip saw for even the most "delicate" parts (e.g. the seat sides), and a hand file instead of a sander. The chair works just fine...but it looks...well...ugly. As soon as I get around painting it I'll shoot some pictures.

    Learning for the rest of the people: DO NOT use particle board for the seat. Go for hardwood plywood. And don't use PTL (pressure treated lumber), it's too wet for woodworking. It kindda crumbles upon cutting and drilling, so fine edges look horrible.
  7. jjchapma
    Looks great! Do you have plans?
  8. warren page
    warren page
    Nice job. I am in the process of converting a drummer throne to use with my z10. The adjustable seat does not go up high enough so i cut a new tube and drilled adjustment holes so it will extend up another foot. I WILL POST A PIC WHEN I GET AROUND TO FINISHING IT.
  9. warren page
    warren page
    Here is a chair i made from a goodwill adjustable barstool for 5 bucks for observing.
  10. warren page
    warren page
    trying to upload photos
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