wheels on my dob

  1. Arny Moots
    Arny Moots
    Dragging my 10 inch Dob around my garden was putting me off taking it out. I searched and found a wheelbarrow idea by Hal the Elder in the Dobsonian group, and put on some wheels and arms. This has made a huge difference! Taking the scope out now is no longer a back-breaking task.
    I may change the wheels to pneumatic (tyres) type, as the garden is uneven, sooner or later, but this is fine for the moment. Worked out very cheap, as I had some old wooden slats hanging in the basement.
    I've previously built two different types of binocular mounts - I'll post them soon.
  2. warren page
    warren page
    Thats a good idea. I have been using a modified furniture dolly but your idea is better. Does the handle rotate up and lock so you can move it like it being on a dolly?
  3. richlite
    Hey, I like your idea. Will have to modify my 13inch dob like that. It is much to heavy to lug around!
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