Barn-door tracker

  1. Phoenixrising
    Here is my home-made barndoor tracker...

    I am busy motorizing it at the moment.
  2. AdamDietrick
    And what does it do?
  3. Phoenixrising
    It tracks the stars at sidereal rate of i rev a min... for taking widefield astro shots without an expensive mount.
  4. Ronzi83
    Can you post more info about it please ? I want also make this kind of tracker for my widefield pic's and would love to see details of it please. Thank you
  5. Phoenixrising
    Building a Barn Door Tracker for Camera Astrophotography
    there are tons of links here good luck
  6. leeseafish
    Completed my barn door tracker and it works a treat. I'm now ready to start selling these to anyone interested - just send me an email. For pricing details see Astronomy and for general astronomy stuff check out Astronomy.

  7. richlite
    Nice inexpensive way to a RA guider!
  8. Phototom2
    Do You still offer your Barn-door tracker for sale? What is the price? My e-mail is:
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