both eyes open

  1. dago dave
    dago dave

    When i was younger! i remember being told to keep both eyes open when using a telescpope, does anyone have a similar recollection of this method


    Dago Dave
  2. AdamDietrick
    I used that method in high school for taping the basketball games-- let me keep an eye on the ball if it popped out of the view finder. Tried it on the scope a couple times, but was never very satisfied with it.
  3. chich
    Always better to keep both eyes open. Learned this when being taught to shoot. Keeping one eye closed makes for dimmer and strained viewing (try it).

    It also lets you see where your target went should you wound or miss, not entirely applicable here - although I have caught a few meteors this way.
  4. richlite
    I am putting on two "pirate" patches on my forehead, one for keeping from squinting my non-telescope eye and the other to keep my observing eye from losing my night vision... just got to keep from stubbing my toes on
  5. kozmik frakture
    kozmik frakture
    I was taught that keeping the non-eyepiece eye open reduces strain on the eye at the business end of the scope. I don't always do this, but I do think it improves what you see. And, yes I do go pirate style with the eye patch. Plus swaddling the head & ep with a dark towel or such to minimize light intrusion.
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