Using small 3D printer to create custom parts...

  1. jinzai
    Trying to be resourceful after my 60mm guidescope went out of commission. Here is a mount I am designing and printing on my M3D printer. Please excuse the filament -- I am ordering carbon fiber this week after I finish the mount.

  2. jinzai
    The first attempt at a Bahtinov mask did not go well -- the carbon fiber PLA filament did not want to stick to the heated bed and about two hours into the print, it started dragging the print around, essentially erasing it as it went.

    So, here is attempt #2 on the normal bed with painter's tape -- it always starts off by not sticking on the raft -- notice the circle is not complete. It does seems to be extruding better and is sticking okay, but -- on a thin print like this one -- sticking is not an issue on the normal bed. It already has an area near the middle that looks like it will need some work once the print is done, but -- that is not unusual with this printer.

  3. Phill74
    carbon fiber filaments are a pain. for what your making any quality PLA or PETG filament should do and getting it to stick is much easier.
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