Plans for portable observatory tent?

  1. Juan Rayo
    Juan Rayo
    Greetings all,
    I´ve seen pictures in the net of a very budget pvc and tent based solution for a portable observatory for my backyard. However the site that used to sell the plans appears to be non functioning for a long time. Anyone here have seen this model / have plans for it? or can maybe gibe me more ideas to try? I will (probably) build a more permanent observatory in the future, but that´s years to come.

  2. Brodavid1953
    Google pvc portable observatory and click images, they have pictures of plans that will probably help you.
  3. Juan Rayo
    Juan Rayo
    Huh, all the searches I did should have started with that one. Yeah I think that will work, many thanks.
  4. Max Nomad
    Max Nomad
    To narrow your Google search to more usable links, use
    pvc portable observatory plans filetype:pdf
    By adding
    you'll get some very interesting PDF results to come up, including an old set of instructions for an AstroGazer portable tent-style dome.
  5. Juan Rayo
    Juan Rayo
    Gracias! searching now. While the rains still pour is a good moment for me to decide on what I´ll make and get the plans sorted out. Many thanks!
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