Star Chair

  1. AdamDietrick
    Does anyone have plans for a "star" chair? I would like to find some more comfort with my z10.
  2. etool8762
    ill try to post the plans i used for my chair for you , easy and fast to build basically x2 - 2''x4''x8' and a 3/4 10'' plank for the butt,
  3. AdamDietrick
    Thanks. Looking forward to it.
  4. AdamDietrick
    Thank you for emailing me the plans-- two things:

    1) May I post them on my website for others to access? (Proper credit will, of course, be given)

    2) Can you post some pics of the finished chair so I will have a better idea of what I am building?
  5. etool8762
    i cant take credit for the chair plans i got them from budget astronomer websight and here is a pic of my chair , hope it helps
  6. etool8762
    just to let you know the 2x4 height i went with for the front and back was 30 inches. the chair support 2x4 was 26 inches and the hole spacing tas 3 inches each center to center the bottom support was 20 inches and i made the seat part at 10 inches
    clear skies
  7. etool8762
    hey adam did you make a chair and how did it come out if you did
  8. AdamDietrick
    Not yet Eric, I am busy wit the kids until they go back to their mom's Sunday. I barely have time to wipe! I should be building it by the 7th and 8th of August at the latest (my weekend off). Right now I am roughing it on a bucket.
  9. etool8762
    lol sorry to hear that , i built mine at work its the only time i have to myself thats quiet
    clear skies
  10. Arny Moots
    Arny Moots
    It's raining outside. I'm on holiday. I think I just might give this chair a go! Thanks for the pic and info, etool.
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