1. vanhorna82
    I have a Celestron 127EQ and recently bought a camera attachment for the scope. I was wondering if I need to use a eyepiece with the tube attachment or is the camera all I need? I am using a Nikon D3100. I have a ring which will attach to the camera, and a "tube" that will attach to the telescope and then to the camera. Thanks for the help.
  2. pixelsaurus
    If you wish to use your camera and an eyepiece, little modification to your scope will be needed.
    Tele Vue Optics: Imaging Methods
    Placing the camera at the prime focus is a different beast. Usually the focal plane is inaccessible to cameras as it often lies somewhere within the focusing unit. There are 2 solutions. Firstly you can use an optics to transfer the focal plane further from the focuser such as a Barlow.
    Solution 2 involves moving stuff. You can move the primary up the tube by a distance equivalent to the camera mount to sensor image plane distance (46.5mm for Nikon ) plus an allowance for extension tubes, adapters,etc or you can move the secondary down the tube by a similar amount. This is a bit of a major job. More on this can be found here:
    Modifying a Newtonian Tube for DSLR Photography - IceInSpace
    Good luck, and hope this is of help.
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