EP cases

  1. chich
    I do tend to collect things and have a schwack of pill bottles. I also have a few EPs with no cases. Dug through and found several larger bottles that fit some Plossls pretty well.

    Granted, the construction time for this project was minimal but the price is right. I have also found that the caps and bottle have line-up tabs that you can work quite nicely in the dark

    members/chich-albums-misc-picture57524-cheap-ep-cases-2.jpg members/chich-albums-misc-picture57523-cheap-ep-cases1.jpg

  2. Bobbyni
    Mmmmm... Like what happened to me no photos attached...
    Pls pics
  3. chich
    OK, loaded the pics again. They came out huge but they are there.
  4. Vyceroy
    i take 9 scripts a day and have plenty of bottles left over some are gigantic would hold a 2 inch EP great idea .. thanks
  5. JFD
    I have a load of vitamin bottles that hardly ever get reused - except for Q tips in the garage or toolbox...
    Just ordered a few new Plossl EPs and filters... this is a great idea for EPs... could have a multi-mineral EP.
  6. richlite
    Great idea for those who lose their original containers... like I have! LOL
  7. Desmocrat
    Also, many milling machine bits & larger diameter drill bits come in the plastic cases that screw off with just a few turns (super coarse threads).
  8. CloudMagnet
    They can also come in handy to hold the assorted hex keys (allen wrenches), knobs, screws, and other doo-dads that you accumulate. I had to cut some cardboard spacers to get the eyecup rubber on my 26mm meade super plossl to seat properly over the rim of the bottle. They are useful little things.
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