JTW New Developments II

  1. Lonnie
    *Last thread was getting far too long so here's a continuation thread........

    I have a very beautiful, brand new JTW Ice Cube 650D AP Baader modified DSLR sitting on my dining room table! I will post some picture tonight of the camera! Thank you Mark for an awesome job!
    Congrats Chuck!!! I'm really looking forward to some AWESOME pics from that camera and yourself!
  2. ChuckWalters
    I posted some pics of the camera in the Astronomy Digital Cameras Forum. Mounted and unmounted.
  3. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Chuck - have you tried any dark frames with the new camera yet?
  4. whiteLion
  5. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Looks great... when do you think you will be able to take some test images?
  6. KathyNS
    Anyone get to try their new camera yet on more than just darks?
  7. dp297
    Anyone got their refunds?
  8. whiteLion
    Phil Leigh - when the weather is gonna get better, we are still under red code of bad weather
  9. ChuckWalters
    Hi Phil. We had a very tough week at work and I have not had time. However, I am off this week and will have time to play! I will post some darks when I get them.
  10. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Understand about the weather! Hopefully you (we) will get clearer skies soon...
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