JTW New Developments

  1. OleCuss
    I got a response from Mark. 1,500 Euro for the bare-bones model. Uber-model de-bayered and everything is more like 2,300 Euro.

    I'd really like to get one of the things, but I'm not sure I could sneak that past my CFO. Might get a somewhat lesser camera.
  2. ChuckWalters
    Ask Mark how much it would be if you sent him a 1100D? You could buy a new body here in the US and send him one. It might save you a bit! Phil will be getting his very soon and will be able to tell you how incredible they are. I have been able to take some darks with mine and they are 95-98% noise free. Hoping for some pics this week.
  3. dp297
    Refund...received...I will thank the group for all the fun times...off to enjoy my brand new QHY9...
  4. ChuckWalters
    Mark shared with me a pretty cool video on the machining of the cases for the JTW Ultimate Air Cooled v3 DSLR cameras. The one in this video happens to be the one I have here at Angel Light Observatory. Enjoy!

    CADCAM JTW Astronomy Camera Casings CNC Machining - YouTube
  5. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    I watched that yesterday - I didn't realise it was your case!
  6. ChuckWalters
    LOL...I didn't either until MArk told me......it was made some time ago! Did you get yours yet????
  7. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    It's waiting for its power supply and final testing...
  8. ChuckWalters
    Awesome Phil!
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