JTW Ultimate arrived, impressions and photos

  1. whiteLion
    I pick up my ultimate today, hope to upload some photos in next hours!!!!!
  2. OleCuss
    Looking forward to seeing that!
  3. whiteLion
    So, is an Canon 600D modified.
    Some issues
    1. I try to made some Bias files, selected time at 1/4000 and the files were captured at 1/200, same problem in EOS utility, select 1/4000 and when I shot the time is 1/200.
    2.Another one I use KUSO exif viwer to read temp from sensor and I read it with no problem at my unmooded camera, here there is no reading from ultimate frames!!!!!
    3.made some darks, in BYEOS I put 300 sec and the frames are made at 299sec and the 600sec darks were made at 597sec

    Bias frame at 1/200

    dark iso800 299sec

    dark iso800 597sec

    the darks were streched in PI to view them and here apear some strange artifacts
  4. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Bulb timings in BYE are not exactly accurate... They are "close"... Depends on the computer BYE is running on.
    Not sure about your other issues yet.
  5. whiteLion
    I haven't this issue with 50D Canon, the timings are perfectly match!
  6. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    The timing problem has been reported on the BYE Yahoo group before. The Bias issue is caused by the fact that the camera must be set in Bulb mode. In Bulb mode the shutter opens completely (it is not a moving curtain). This means that the fastest shutter speed is the same as the flash x-sync which is 1/200 on your camera.
    I think these will still work OK as bias frames.

    I'm much more worried about the state of your darks...

    I'm not sure about this now. The 650D doesn't have a discrete "BULB" mode like the 7D (for example).
  7. dp297
    Di you leave the camera to equilibrate for some time so that the sensor reaches equal temp?
  8. whiteLion
    I am worried too about darks ..... No I did not but I am gonna let it calm down till tomorow and gonna do another tests to see any change.
    Another concern of mine is that I read the temp from frames with dark library and the temp is only 20 degrees below ambient.
    But i have to do more tests!
  9. dp297
    Yes please...try and keep us updated. Your tests are valuable to how these cameras actually work in the real world.
  10. dp297
    The darks remind me of this CO2 DSLR Cooler for Astrophotography
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