Ultimate Updates?

  1. Lonnie
    That's fantastic news!!
  2. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    I will do a full unboxing with pics...
    Hopefully I my camera will have all of the accumulated updates since last October (!). Mark emailed me to say that he had also polished out some scratches on my sensor too, as a thank you for waiting so patiently! They must have been done by the previous owner.

    Once I'm sure its all working I will create my master dark (ISO 800) - 2 sets, one at high ambient and one at low ambient temp, 10 mins duration for both and bias frames (125 of each) and post pics+analysis. PixInsight uses bias frames to create scalable darks. Now I know that Canon DSLR's have some issues with dark frame accuracy thanks to some "clever" internal processing... I'm hoping that the dark frames will be really... dark :-). Unlike a CCD or other DSLR's the dark frame thermal noise is not linear with exposure duration. I'm still trying to figure out how PixInsight dark scaling deals with that!

    Given the cloud here I'm not sure when it will get first light proper.
  3. KathyNS
    Fingers crossed for clear skies. I'm looking forward to seeing the first pics.
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