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  1. KangaBear
    I have ordered a camera from China. Its uncooled, The price is around + $2000.00 for the cooled version, I was shocked when the cost of a Peltier cooler is around $20-$50 from an electronics firm in China. Does anyone have experience in fitting an aftermarket cooler? I am not sure what is involved but $2K seems a little steep.
  2. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    It is complex process to create a properly "lapped" cold finger that sits precisely behind the sensor. You can't just stick any old peltier near the sensor. The cost reflects the time to manufacture and fit the cold finger rather than the raw cost of the Peltier unit (which as you say is not high). It certainly isn't your average DIY task.
  3. KangaBear
    Thanks for your comments Phil.
    I have installed numerous heatsink /fan combos on CPU's , The magic Silicon paste does wonders for mating two surfaces although if you dont get it right its "Poof" as the temp rises fast. I am not daunted by it and will have a look when the camera arrives as I think (as you so rightly point out) the main issue is being able to provide sufficient downward pressure to ensure a good contact between surfaces......... so its not just about the conductive paste but also being able to provide a mechanical advantage.The other issue is I haven't used a Peltier cooler before so that is an area that I will need to explore further.The Chinese use a 3V Peltier cct and the Americans use 12v which is more sensible I think.......... Time will tell,
  4. KangaBear
    There is a good article on Peltiers here.
    The Heatsink Guide - Peltier cooler information
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