1. ChuckWalters
    As of this past weekend I have decided to go down a path a bit different than the Ultimate Pro v2 path I was on these past few months. I have decided to go back to a more traditional DSLR configuration with a twist.

    I placed an order with JTW Astronomy for a new Canon 600D DSLR that will be modified by Mark with the standard AP DSLR modification but he will add a Baader BCF filter back into the camera. He will then install one of his peltier ICE CUBE cooling units. This unit will achieve 20-25 degrees below ambient. While no where near the Ultimate specs on cooling, it will be a much improved configuration of a non cooled DSLR. I am excited to go down this path. When the camera comes in, I will post pictures, do a review and of course, do some AP shots to post as well.

    Here is a picture of the conversion.....

  2. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Hi Chuck - this will make for some interesting comparisons.
    Mark is doing the final re-test on my camera (after the recent fixes for the power supply issue).
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