When i receive my camera...

  1. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    I'll be able to do all sorts of tests on it... I have a well equipped electronic workshop with most of the gear needed to analyse what is going on.
    I can accurately measure voltage and current draw and also I have industrial thermocouples capable of measuring temperature.
    I REALLY want these cameras to work.
  2. Lonnie
    I'm with you Phil. I would really like to see these camera's work as well.
    Any word on your's? I'm sure he has a few things to check before it ships.
  3. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Hi Lonnie,
    Thanks. I've learned to live in a state of perpetual hope...
    I don't think I'll get my camera for a couple of weeks yet, BUT... hopefully it will have the 3m hoses, revised power supply/cabling and new "T2" adapter. So when it does get to me I will have benefitted from the experiences of the really early adopters!
  4. Lonnie
    Thanks Phil.
    I'm looking forward to the "first real" problem free review. I still believe these camera's are going to be fantastic once the bugs are out.
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