Camera died

  1. KathyNS
    Well, poop! This morning, my camera is an electric paperweight. Nothing on the computer can see it. I don't even get a USB chime when I plug it in.

    I installed Canon EOS Utility. It can't see the camera. Fired up BYEOS, it can't see it either, though it worked fine yesterday. I thought maybe the Canon software had messed up something. So I uninstalled EOS Utility and reinstalled BYEOS. Nope, still nothing. It's dead. And so, I think, is my experience as a JTW customer.
  2. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Power supply? - do you have a multimeter you could check the power supply with?
  3. KathyNS
    Power supply is good. The radiator fan keeps running. And the Peltier is getting power, because I can hear the fan slow down when I plug in the camera body.
  4. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Time to call Mark?
  5. OleCuss
    How many reports of dead JTWs have there been today?

    Could there be a surge or other kind of problem leading to this? Could it be that there is sufficient voltage instability induced when the pump kicks in (or out) to fry some parts in the sucker?

    Edit: Reading the above kinda looks like I'm picking on the instruments. In fact, I still have high hopes for the product - just hoping the bugs can be worked out really soon.
  6. ChuckWalters
    This is not a good day for us....power supply arrived. Followed directions exactly. Took first 10 test darks. Results in another thread in this group. Encouraging results unless I am doing something wrong.....

    Set camera up for next set of 10 darks at ISO 400 to see difference, went into the kitchen to make dinner, came back and the laptop had gone to sleep....when I woke it up, the camera was not connected and, as above, two hours later............NOTHING! No chime, no recognition, NOTHING! Same USB port, fan and radiator working, power supply is working, no USB connection, BYEOS will not recognize it.
  7. KathyNS
    Sorry to hear that, Chuck.

    So that makes three cameras failed out of three deilvered, all in the first few days of operation. Makes you wonder what they were "testing" during those four months, doesn't it?
  8. OleCuss
    If the electrical system (voltage, frequency, etc.) is different for JTW than it is for those of us on this side of the pond (and maybe for Jen as well?), then JTW could spend a lot of time testing the power supply under conditions different from ours and never find the problem you are having.

    Without further evidence, I speculate that the power supply is not sufficiently well-regulated (or whatever) to handle switching relatively electrically robust cooling system on and off without voltage spikes which are frying the more delicate electronics needed for the camera. Separate power supplies for camera and for cooling just might fix this?
  9. KathyNS
    You could be right, Ole. The power supply specifies input voltage of 100-240V and frequency of 50-60Hz, so it should be able to handle the power on both sides of the pond. However the camera is supposed to be drqawing 150 Watts, and the power supply is rated at 120 Watts output, so it's working hard. Maybe too hard, and giving spikes as you say.
  10. ChuckWalters
    Good theory, Ultimate did not ship with the power supply. An oversight, but it happens.

    So Mark, much to his credit, went on eBay and found a NY distributor for the power supplies. He ordered me a better supply then he has shipped with the current stock of Ultimates and shipped it overnight delivey. The power supply that comes with the Ultimates is a 10A and splits the supply to the fan/pump unit and to the camera. He ordered me a 12.5A supply for the camera and a separate 1A supply for the pump. So I have a very robust power supply for the camera and it still died and is not recognizeable by the computer.

    BTW, Mark did try to find 12.5A supplies to send with everyone's cameras but was unable to locate them when he was looking. He will now have a source for future Ultimates.
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