Camera died

  1. Rottweiler
    Hi Guys,

    Just to clear up this, we had a few cameras fail due to faulty power supplies that we were sold (10-15% failure rate). Frustratingly they worked fine in our bench testing and then were DOA. We recently had an RMA that resolved this, all cameras now have a different brand power supply and also 2 of them. We actually realised that the service life of everything else is much longer. One PSU can run the camera on it's own, so even if one fails years down the line the camera will function perfectly well.

    Two cameras that arrived in order and then stopped working, we forgot to disable the auto-power-off! The camera needs to be opened to reset this.

    I would like to reiterate the importance of the USB port. We noticed that the computers we use are selective about the ports. If I plug in a camera on one port for the first time, it will not work on any other port in the future. You need to use the same port, I do not know if this is a Windows thing or a BackyardEOS thing.
  2. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Definitely not a BYE thing - BYE doesn't even know which physical USB port a camera is connected to... - it talks to the camera device driver not the USB port - the driver (Canon) talks to the USB port driver via the operating system (Windows).

    This problem occurs occasionally with all sorts of USB hardware. It is a Windows thing. The way to fix it is:

    1) Disconnect camera then in Device Manager, enable "show hidden devices" then delete (uninstall) all instances of the camera driver
    2) Hard Reboot (disconnect power and reconnect) without the camera connected
    3) Connect camera (driver will reinstall).

    Sometimes on laptops you have to take the battery out and wait a while to force a full rebuild of the enumerated USB driver stack - a soft reboot won't do it.
  3. ChuckWalters
    It is definitely a Windows thing and darn frustrating too!

    Thanks for posting the info Mark! The Ultimate really is an awesome piece of AP technology. Mine was one of the two with the auto shut off enable. But I did get some darks before it went back to JTW and they were as expected......little to no noise in any pic!!!
  4. whiteLion
    Mine was the other darks ......
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