It's here!!!!

  1. KathyNS
    I just got back from the Post Office. It's big and heavy. The hoses are not as long as I'd hoped. The electrical cord is something European, but the female end at the transformer box is standard, so one of my old computer cords will fit. Photos after lunch...
  2. skcusfa
    praise the lord above,, they do exist,, dont skimp on the pics either we want every angle and close ups
  3. Lonnie
    That's fantastic news Keith, not that it's big and heavy but that you have it in your hands!
    Can't wait to see the pics!
  4. ChuckWalters
    Mine showed up as well. There is glue on the case where the power adapter plugs in and glue on the case where the USB connector plugs in. Also, there is no power supply, USB cable or T2 adapter in my box. I am seriously NOT HAPPY!
  5. ChuckWalters
    Keith, do the two 90 degree fittings in the back or your camera rotate? And do you think we can remove the tie straps from the cooler unit? They look like they were installed just for shipping purposes.....
  6. ChuckWalters

    Soda can shown for scale. Glue on case shown for lack of QC.
  7. skcusfa
    the lack of QC (glue) is I hope the only issue youll have with your camera,,but it would piss me off also
  8. dp297
    Happy New Year to all from Greece.
    did yours come with cables and T2 adaptor?
  9. KathyNS
    Here are some pics.

    What was in the package:

    Power cord is not North Americal standard. A standard computer power cord should fit.

    Given that the stated power draw is 150W, I am a bit concerned about the power supply. It is rated at 120W. AN overload is likely in summer, when the cooling system has to work the hardest.
  10. KathyNS
    With the radiator on the floor, the hoses allow the camera to he held at eye level. Which means that with the camera mounted on my Newtonian with enough slack hose for movement, the radiator won't reach the ground. So I will have to kludge some kind of holder to hang it on the tripod somewhere.
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