It's here!!!!

  1. KathyNS
    The sky is clearing! Could be pics by tomorrow!!
  2. Lonnie
    I'm going to try my best not to curse you but I really hope to see some astro pics posted up tomorrow!!
    Good luck tonight.
  3. KathyNS
    Sorry, not going to happen.

    I got everything hauled outside, polar aligned the mount, mounted the scope and camera, and got it balanced - looked up and the stars were gone. Majorly gone, as in nout going to be back tonight. Oh well, good practice.
  4. Lonnie
    Same here though. Clear sky chart is dark blue but sky is 90% overcast right now.
  5. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Hmmm, interesting. My scopes are pillar mounted and the camera never gets above 4.5 foot from the ground. Do you think I'll need to raise the pump/radiator from the floor? I could rig up a circular platform somewhere on the pillar...
  6. KathyNS
    Phil, you may need to raise the radiator unit to have enough slack hose for free movement. I hung mine from the eyepiece tray on my tripod using S-hooks, and ithe hoses could barely reach. Of course, mine is a Newt, so the camera is at the high end. Mark says he's going to increase the hose length to 3m from 2m on future cameras.
  7. Phil Leigh
    Phil Leigh
    Thanks Keith... will start on the DIY...
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