Other Coolant Options for the Ultimate Pro v2

  1. ChuckWalters
    Mark has indicated Glycerol is the best choice for our Ultimates. I asked about the warranty and here is his response:

    Hi Chuck,

    So long as you fill it using the proper procedure (see the files area for all our manuals), yes it is covered. To be sure, you can send us the brand of the coolant and we will double check. You can also ask the manufacturer to be absolutely sure, as there may be additives which are not ok. The ratio is 60% pure glycerol to 40% distilled water.

    Make sure that there is no air lock in the pump, it should always be the lowest part of the system when in use, and the highest part of the system when filling. It will burn out very quickly if you run it dry, we burnt out the pump on one of the prototypes in under 30 seconds, they are very quiet so you wont hear it until it's too late.

  2. ChuckWalters
    PART 1:

    Here was the original response before the warranty question: Thanks for raising this issue. As everyone knows the freezing point of the coolant used in the camera is -7. The tubing is silicone based, and so far doesn't show any possible signs it will become rigid due to low temperatures. The silicone based sealant we use in the cameras is rated to -40, so this is no problem. The use of antifreeze presents a few possible problems. There are a few types to be avoided. Although the system is designed to be as safe as possible, if you do put the wrong anti freeze in the system will leak, but the camera will remain dry. This is a design feature. However the camera will need to be stripped and reassembled. Which will require an RMA to us.
  3. ChuckWalters
    PART 2:

    About anti-freeze - Methanol (and other alcohols) - Avoid, they will eat through the silicone sealant used in the camera seals. OATs (organic acid technology) - Also avoid, will attack the anodised aluminium, eventually penetrating. Ethylene glycol - Avoid, poisonous. Propylene glycol - Avoid, breaks down to lactic acid when exposed to heat. This will eventually cause internal corrosion. Glycerol - Preferred coolant. Non poisonous, non-ionic, safe to use. Mixed with distilled water (60% glycerol/40% water) this will protect down to -35 degrees.
  4. KathyNS
    Thanks for researching this, Chuck. It sounds like ethylene glycol is technically fine as long as you don't drink it. It would be easier to find than glycerol.
  5. ChuckWalters
    As I was researching the options and emailing Mark, I asked him about the current coolant. I have a few short 1" bubbles in the lines and wanted to top up the system when I can. The manual calls for distilled/deionized water and it occurred to me the bubbles are clear so the coolant must be coloured. It is indeed CPU Coolant currently in the lines and can be cut with distilled/deionized water. So for those owners that don't want to change out the stock coolant to another coolant, you can indeed use CPU coolant if you want to maintain the same coolant. If you choose to use distilled water, eventually you will need to re-tint the water and Mark has indicated you could use food colouring.

    The glycerol/distilled mixture could also be tinted with food colouring......LOL.....you can tint your coolant to match your case colour....
  6. ChuckWalters
    I sent Mark this email a few minutes ago both in email and the Yahoo listserv. This looks VERY promising to solve the coolant problem.

    PART 1:

    Chuck Walters Wrote: Hey Mark, I looked up the CPU Coolant we discussed in a previous email. I found these. What do you think? For topping up the stock coolant you indicate distilled water, but using the same CPU Coolant would be preferable as well. And look at the different colours it comes in.....

    Industrial-Grade Liquid Coolant with Corrosion and Biology Inhibitors, UV Reactive - Koolance
  7. ChuckWalters
    PART II:

    Now for the interesting part. I know folks have wanted you to give them some options on a coolant so we can leave our camera's out below say -10C to -15C or a bit lower. I found this: What do you think about this as an option? Could you investigate it? It is available in the Netherlands (there is a link on their site). -35C would make everyone very, very happy!! Anything below that and you would be crazy to even be out imaging in those temps.....

    Koolance LIQ-705 Liquid Coolant Bottle, Low-Conductivity, 700mL (Colorless)
  8. KathyNS
    A -35C coolant would be perfect!
  9. OleCuss
    Do we know that the anti-freeze component does not decrease the cooling ability?

    Not likely to be a problem during the cool season, but one might have to swap coolant mixtures for different seasons?
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